Franny Billingsley, Chime


1. Let’s be honest for once. I will love you fierce; I will love you terrible. I will carve out your heart, and you will be grateful for the end.

2. You accuse me of faithlessness, but I do believe in the light bursting from our skin, the divinity breaking our bones to pieces.

3. I was not born difficult; my father can attest to that, screaming it until he coughs up blood that his daughter was born without a spine.

4. History repeats itself, we know this much. History sings the same songs, fucks the same girls, drinks the same whiskey night after night in the saddest passion play the world has ever seen.

5. Maybe one day I won’t say your name like a penance, like I thought there was absolution in your veins instead of blood, instead of something so devastatingly human. I’m hunting for angels here, something divine and holy, something that will scrub me clean.

6. My mother says I need to prepare for the real world and maybe she’s right. I hope she’s right. I hope the ice in my chest is imagined, that one day I’ll wake up and this will all have been a dream.

7. We can only go forward; we can only let go. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

8. I am trying not to rot in this grave you dug me.


— Emily Palermo, vii. (via starredsoul)

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Sometimes affection is a shy flower that takes time to blossom.

"One of the most courageous decisions you will ever make is to finally let go of whatever is hurting your heart and soul."

— Brigitte Nicole (via moonsulk)


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She’s coming into her power…

She’s ready for her match.
She spent years confusing broken wings with eligibility,
distracting herself from her “self” in the roles of healer/savior/caretaker,
Confusing fearful control with nurturing,
Betraying her truth to avoid abandonment,
and protecting herself from her own fears of unworthiness by settling for unworthy relationships.

She feels no regret or remorse over the past because she is aware that this was her path to awakening…
It was necessary to choose her own reflection in the unavailable in order for her love to become available to herself…
It was all part of the divine planning of her soul…
she was destined to fall, to be brought to her knees, fears realized…
Degraded, mocked…
Heart cracked open and shattered to reveal the fierce, protective love of self that was there unknown to her all along…

She was one who chose the initiation of the dark night of the soul in order to emerge out of her false ideas of self into the light of her own compassion and love…
To drop from the sky and to finally recover her wings that got buried in the mire of illusion and forgetfulness.

Something huge shifted in her when
her shadow rose from the dark night to meet the light and merged…
After that she felt whole and complete as she was…
Happy in her own skin,
Inspired by her own passions…

She has now stepped into her party shoes,
She’s ready to “live”…
To dance to her own tune while dancing with another…
Smooth legs shaved of self doubt
Sexy, mysterious, deep, untangled…
Maiden, mother, temptress, Goddess…

Embodying the magic of the ageless medicine woman that she was all along…
Freed from the cords and attachments created by her wounds to access the wisdom gifts of her wounds…
She has become fully available not just to herself but to the world.

She’s ready now to discover her equal, to not only give but to also receive all that she deserves and more…
She no longer believes in lack or limitation
she’s no longer willing to settle for second best or fall prey to the broken and the needy…

She knows that she has the power to manifest what she wants, so she’s calling in a partner and a life that not only loves, nurtures and fulfills her, but enables the emergence of all that she is.


— Caroline de Lisser
August  15   ( 16 )

"You are a dream; I hope I never meet you."

— Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath (via wandanie)